Is Salmon Oil Right for Your Pet?

A salmon oil supplement can provide a broad range of health benefits for your pet. Is it right for your pet?

Salmon is one of the healthiest dietary choices, not only for humans but for pets too! Rich in protein and healthy fats, salmon brings a whole lot to the table in terms of health benefits. Luckily, you don’t have to splurge on salmon dinners for your pets to reap the rewards- you can harness the power of salmon with a high-quality salmon oil supplement for your pet!

Why Salmon Oil?

Salmon oil is rich in Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. These Omegas aid in healthy growth and development for puppies and kittens, supporting brain and eye health. For adult and senior pets, salmon oil plays a critical role in supporting immune system functions, brain and eye health, joint mobility, heart health, and skin and coat health. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe itchiness and swelling and encourage wound healing. Not to mention that most pets love the strong fishy flavor of salmon!

Why Kodiak Naturals Salmon Oil?

Simply put, our oil is superior. Our wild-caught salmon and pollock are caught in the Bering Sea, thousands of miles away from large sources of biological and industrial pollution such as waste from water treatment plants, pesticides, petroleum derivatives, PCBs, and metals. The distances (combined with the earth’s patterns of circulation of water and air) help to ensure that Alaska’s waters are among the cleanest in the world and remarkably free of contamination. 

From there, the fish is quickly pressed at a low temperature (160 C) into oil only hours after harvest to maintain all the fresh oil benefits. This oil is then passed through a three-step filtration process before bottling, to ensure no impurities are allowed to pass. The result is a dark red, nutrient-rich oil which is a perfect supplement to add to your dog or cat’s every day diet. 

Your pet will love the flavor that Kodiak Naturals Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats adds to their meals, and you can rest assured that your pet is reaping all of the health benefits. You can learn more about sustainability and sourcing here. We are proud members of the NASC

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