Skin and Coat Health for Dogs and Cats

A gorgeous coat starts with healthy skin. Salmon oil is the holy grail for a silky coat!

A silky, lustrous coat is about more than vanity for dogs and cats! Good coat health is good overall health. Healthy skin leads to beautiful coats and incorporating a salmon oil supplement into your pet’s daily diet is a great way to support skin and coat health. Our sustainably sourced Kodiak Naturals Salmon Oil is packed with nourishing fatty acids and natural salmon flavor that will have your pet begging for more! Keep reading to learn more

A healthy coat starts with healthy skin

If your dog or cat’s skin isn’t in the best shape, their coat is sure to show it. Salmon oil is packed with Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, which are vital to supporting skin and hair health. It’s tasty and hydrating, and it stimulates new cell growth to help heal wounds.

Reduce scratching

If you’ve ever suffered from dry, itchy skin before, you know it’s not a whole lot of fun. Supplementing your pet’s diet with a quality salmon oil can reduce dryness and provide their skin with adequate moisture. Eicosapentaeonic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are long-chain omegas found in Omega-3 from salmon oil. These long-chain omegas have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the impact of allergies.

Reduce shedding

Shedding is just part of the game when it comes to pet ownership, but if your cat or dog is shedding more than normal, adding a salmon oil supplement could help. Most pet foods are supplemented with Omegas 3 and 6, but it’s usually not enough to make a difference. Adding a salmon oil supplement can provide the boost of those necessary fatty acids that play a key role in hair health. Omega-6 fatty acids stimulate hair growth to help keep their coats thick and healthy.

Why Kodiak Naturals Salmon Oil?

Salmon oil has a higher concentration of Omega 3s than other fish oils and tends to have a stronger flavor- something your dog or cat will appreciate! Our salmon oil is sourced from wild-caught Alaskan salmon and pollock, out of some of the cleanest waters in existence. Processing begins within hours of harvest and doesn’t require distilling, resulting in the freshest product possible. 

When used regularly, you should see a difference in your pet’s coat in 2-3 weeks. Visit our website to check out our complete line of quality pet products that will keep your furry best friends happy and healthy!

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